Privacy Statement

Website Privacy Statement

Last updated: January 2022

This privacy statement sets out the extent to which Peak protects the privacy of each user (“User”) of Peak’s website, (“Website”). This privacy statement states the rights of Peak and the User, and describes Peak’s practices in relation to any information we collect from the User, and/or that each User provides to us, and the methods that we follow when we maintain and process such information. In this privacy statement, “personal information” refers to the information that can be used to identify the User, including without limitation the User’s name, email address, and telephone number, as well as other data that relates to the User. Below are details of how Peak may collect, maintain, and process the User’s personal information, and the rights that are applicable to the User and to Peak.

By accessing and utilizing the Website, the User acknowledges that Peak may collect and process personal information from the User. If the User does not allow Peak to gather and record personal information, then Peak may not be able to communicate effectively with the User, and Peak may not be able to enter into and/or maintain an ongoing business relationship with the User.

If Peak is gathering, maintaining and/or processing personal information of the User in furtherance of its marketing efforts, then the User may notify Peak at any time to request that Peak ceases this activity. Peak will respect any such request and will take steps to cease this activity.

Currently, Peak does not use any automated tools to process the personal information of the User.

Peak can gather, maintain records of and process the User’s personal information in accordance with applicable laws, and to the extent that:

  1. the User has given consent to gather, maintain, and process personal information (for example by logging on to the Website);
  2. the relevant personal information is required in order for Peak to provide the services that the User has requested from Peak (by means of contract or otherwise);
  3. the relevant personal information is required in order for Peak to satisfy its internal compliance requirements and/or external legal or regulatory requirements; or
  4. the personal interests, rights and freedoms of the User are not compromised by Peak’s activities related to the personal information, and Peak has a legitimate business reason for such activities (including, without limitation, the reasons set out above in 2 and 3).

The User’s personal information may be disclosed to certain third parties, including Peak’s suppliers and service providers in furtherance of the services Peak provides. This would include information technology consultants, legal advisers, audit firms, and other third parties.

The User’s personal information may also be disclosed to the extent Peak’s cooperation is necessary in connection with legal disputes, inspections, or other governmental or regulatory requirements.

Other than as described above, each User’s personal information will not be used or disclosed without the User’s consent.

Peak can retain the User’s personal information for any period set by the laws and regulations that are applicable to Peak.

The Website may connect the User to pages and sites that are owned and/or controlled by other parties. Peak has no obligation or liability for any collection or usage of the User’s personal information by such pages and sites, and this privacy statement is not applicable thereto.

Any personal information that the User provides to Peak must be genuine and up to date. The User must comply with Peak’s reasonable requests related to the User’s personal information in a timely and transparent fashion.

The User may contact Peak at any time for information about the User’s personal information that is in Peak’s possession. The User may update or amend the User’s personal information by providing Peak with written and/or documentary evidence. The User also has the right to make a complaint about Peak’s use and maintenance of the User’s personal information using the contact details below, and Peak will address any such complaint in a straightforward and transparent manner. The User may also raise a complaint to the relevant governmental agency that is applicable to the User and/or the User’s personal information.

Peak will endeavor to take reasonable steps to safeguard the personal information of the User, and to protect it from loss, accidental disclosure or misappropriation. It is not possible to maintain confidentiality and security when using the internet. Therefore, Peak does not guarantee the safety of the User’s personal information, but Peak will endeavor to take reasonable steps to protect the User’s personal information.

The User may decline to receive any communications from Peak at any time by providing Peak with notice to that effect. Peak will act on any such notice to the extent allowable by law.

For any questions about this privacy statement or Peak’s processing of personal information, please contact Peak by email at

Peak reserves the right to amend or update this privacy statement from time to time, and the posting of any new privacy statement on the Website shall constitute sufficient notice of the same.